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Tarak Decimus was the prince of Samandrai. After his world was defeated by the Motherworld, he moved to Neu-Wodi to work as an indentured servant to a rancher to pay off a life debt. He was portrayed by Staz Nair in Rebel Moon. Nair's agency was first to confirm his character's name.

Tarak wore a necklace with a pendant bearing the symbol of a bennu, which was the sigil of his royal house.[2]


End of Samandrai

The end of Samandrai.

Tarak Decimus of Samandrai was the noble prince of his homeworld. The planet came into conflict with the Motherworld and his father, the king, insisted on delivering his terms in person. The Motherworld's response was to send his dead body back to Samandrai, followed later with a full-on attack. His mother convinced him to flee, staying behind, herself, as the Motherworld ships crashed through their city. The city fought back with warriors mounted on bennus, but they were ultimately no match for a dreadnought-class battle cruiser.

Tarak and bennu

Tarak introduces himself to the bennu.

Tarak wound up owing a debt of Daram symbol - dark theme300,000 to Hickman, a Neu-Wodi rancher, Hickman, for whom he worked as an indentured servant to pay it off. Honor-bound to see out his debt, he initially refused to join the Veldt resistance when they came to ask for his help. No fan of the Realm, Tarak would glady fight with them if his debt were paid, but Kora and Gunnar didn't have such an amount. Hickman offered them a wager, instead. Tarak could attempt to tame Beatrice, Hickman's bennu, and if successful, Tarak's debt would be cleared. If he failed, however, Kora, Gunnar, and Kai would join Tarak in chains. They agreed and Tarak was able to ride Beatrice, so Hickman allowed him to leave.

Noble captures Kora

Admiral Noble catches the rebels.

Tarak joined Kora on their quest, but they were double-crossed by Kai, who handed them over to Admiral Atticus Noble on Gondival. Gunnar managed to release Kora and Nemesis, the latter of whom split the lock on the ecto-restraints that held Tarak, enabling him to fight back against their captors. They won the battle and returned to Veldt for their payment, where Tarak noted that it would have been a beautiful place to die.[3]

Tarak leads Veldt into battle

Tarak leads the villagers into battle.

Their celebration was short lived, as not long after arriving, Aris informed them that The King's Gaze was still on its way, and as such, the job wasn't complete. Tarak helped train the villagers of Veldt in combat and, when the time came to fight, he led a team of villagers alongside Titus' team. As they moved forward, the march of the Imperium soldiers seemed never to end, with each eave of defeated enemies followed quickly by the next. When Milius charged forward to take down an Imperium mech, Tarak advanced to help them recover. When it looked like they'd both delved too deeply into the enemy ranks, JC-1435 stepped in and took down the remaining soldiers and the second mech.

Tarak and Milius celebrate

Tarak celebrates the end of the battle.

While Tarak and the other rebels fought in the wheat fields of Veldt, Kora and Gunnar fought aboard The King's Gaze above. They successfully disabled it, sending it rocketing to the ground. Devra Bloodaxe and her resistance group joined in at the end to pick off the remaining Imperium ships, which could have still posed a serious threat to the victorious ground forces. When the dust cleared, Titus encouraged Kora to continue her fight against the Imperium by finding Princess Issa and Tarak agreed to join her.[4]


  • Bilingualism: Tarak's mother tongue was Samandrait, while he was also fluent in Mothertongue, the language of the Motherworld.
  • Beast taming: Tarak was very in tune with nature, enabling him to tame a bennu, a griffin-like beast, that was believed to be unridable.
  • Weapons mastery: Tarak was proficient with a variety of weapons, likely part of his royal training.
    • Knot throwing: Tarak was exceptional at the throwing of knots, which was a skill he used to casually lasso Beatrice's beak from atop her back without any worry of missing. He also used this skill to loop a Gondivalian buoy on which Kora was stranded so that she could be pulled back to the docks.

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